I had a vision !!! Soft earthy dyed sarongs and a group of woman celebrating not only motherhood but womanhood !! so I contacted the beautiful Amy from Bonnie and Dyed and she went to work creating. I have to admit I sent crazy colour ideas with different patterns and may have changed my mind many times !! The finished result was beautiful fabric to wrap around a womans body while I tried to capture her soul !! 5 amazing mamas put there hands up to jump in and help me start a chain reaction of self love. It sounds silly saying this out loud but in my head I wanted to change the world – one mama at a time !!

Our children grow up wanting to be just like there parents. 8mths ago I looked at my 11mth old baby girl and I realised I didnt set the bar very high and the love for myself was really pretty poor !!! I had never shown my legs to the world and even in summer covered up to mid calf. In that moment standing in noosa sweltering in my long pants I walked into a store, tried on a short jumpsuit and walked out showing a part of my soul (and body) that I had always covered up. I embarked on a journey of self imposed self love ! I am not ashamed to say I did start out by faking it, by looking in the mirror and reflecting a kindness I had only shown others (never myself). I embraced my curves and a body that had grown and birth the most amazing 2 humans i could ever have hoped for and realised I actually rock !! Even saying that out loud sounds silly (contemplating deleting that part lol)

So with all my lady lumps and bumps I decided self love was dam well something we all deserved !! With that and my daughters future in my head I started out on this project !! To change the world for her … one mama at a time !!


  1. Highly recommend as she is easy to work with and will cater for your needs

    One of the best Photographers we have dealt with. Highly recommend as she is easy to work with and will cater for your needs

  2. Rene

    Stunning work from a caring and vivacious woman. We were so pleased and grateful for our gorgeous family photos.

  3. Ailinh

    Stunning photos!! Wish you lived in Adelaide…


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