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Breaking down the barriers and walls so a mother can freely breastfeed anywhere her baby is hungry is such a passion of mine. You might be wondering why I would put so much energy into something that seems pretty accepted right ?!? I am currently breastfeeding a 19 month old and from loved ones have had comments like

… ‘make sure your continuing to breast feed for her benefit not your own’ …

… ‘you wouldn’t tandem feed, thats disgusting’ …

or one that seems harmless but still doesnt send the right message was a shop assistant (male) that said, ‘I dont mind woman breastfeeding but not so openly cos I dont know where to look’ ! I replied kindly and let him know if he was to catch eyes with a breast feeding mama he could smile and nod and go about his day !! We dont expect you to gives us a wide birth and do understand breastfeeding our humans needs to be desensitised from the current sexualisation to what it really is … its a mother fulfilling the needs of her tiny human by providing nourishment and support from her own body !!

Let celebrate womanhood and give her back the power to be what ever she needs to be without labels and judgement !! She is a goddess, a woman, a mother, a sister and so many other things !! But remove all that and she is just energy passing through in a way that is honest and truthful to her self.


  1. Sheldon

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  2. Emma

    What a lovely celebration of something so beautiful

  3. Kathy

    Breathtakingly beautifuk

  4. Kathy

    Breathtakingly beautifuk


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