H E N R Y – gold coast newborn family photographer

Introducing baby Henry !! This special session took place on Henrys due date – to celebrate all that is this amazing tiny human . Born 3months early, Henry (along with his mum and dad) spent just over 2 months in hospital helping him better prepare to be earth side. I looked after this beautiful family during their neonatal intensive care stay and felt so honoured to capture there journey now home. A NICU stays saves lives. Its a place where Mother Nature, amazing medicine and a little magic all mix to help babies born too soon – GROW !! But its a journey that takes its tole on every parent as they watch there tiny love fight to breath and develop. To then have to leave there side every single night (there’s no beds by the cot side so a mama that’s just delivered her baby has to leave them on a daily basis). It leaves each family a little foggy, a little disorganised and a whole lot disconnected from the outside world. My heart is so full to celebrate the end of NICU for Henry and the beginning of Netflix wet weekends curled up on the chest of the two people that love him the most xx


  1. Amy

    Sooo beautiful, look how cute he is! You can see the joy and love beaming from these photos

  2. Rhiannon

    Handsome Henry and his proud parents ❤️ You’ve come a long way wee man and you’re loved immensely.

  3. Al & Yvonne

    Our first grandson 💙 a true miracle, surrounded in love. May you shine in life and be happy. May God charge His angels to care for you always ☺️ Xx


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